Have you ever thought about how even the littlest thing can be wonderful?

Seven Simple Wonders was submitted for the Sublime Bitsy Jam. This was my first time composing music!

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Published 20 days ago
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Exploration, Pixel Art


Simple Wonders (♪) 503 kB


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This is so beautiful! I welled up a little. 

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IDM grabbed the file for downloading via my browser but it appears to be an mp3 file.

edit :

seems to download ok through the itch desktop app.

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This game is beautiful, I love how you took poetry and make it interactive with a beautiful and minimalist pixel art with a lovely and relaxing background music.

Tiny and wonderful, really makes you stop and think.


I love this! It's like a cute poem in videogame form.


This game is so heartwarming, and all the analyses of the earth items are a sweet twist on the mundane - they really do feel more wonderful this way!

Yes I agree


This is so cuuuute!!!!! I love the framing you did!!


That was a nice little trip to the land of everyday wonders! :) Especially the comments about the apple and the flower have made me smile, because I never had these thoughts in this particular form. <3 A wonderful little game that I liked to recommend in our compilation article about this edition of the Bitsy Jam series. :) One minute of the gameplay can also be seen in the accompanying video. Keep it up, that was wonderful and cute!

Best wishes,

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Thanks for the feature, Sebastian! The description on the article is so perfect, I don't think I could have put it in such precise words haha


Cute lil game.


aw this is so nice!! really love how well the rooms are composed and the item collection! this is just so good!! <3 


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you noticed the rooms themselves, I spent extra time making them unique. Did you know that if you connect them all it forms a single, coherent map?

Here's the [link] to the whole map (spoilers!)


omg i didnt notice at all!!! that so cool though!!!!! thank you for telling me!! you put in so much effort i am amazed!!! it legit looks sooo good!! :'D


Nice <3 




Hey, played through this on on my channel! :D

Wow!! I'm so honoured that SSW was your introduction to Bitsy! Loved your video, definitely checking out more from your channel :)


This was really sweet.  Thanks for making it.


this is really beautiful. the music is so calming, great job!


i love this! 


Wonderful and needed mensage it pass. One single experience in feels seconds, thats counts for an entire life not paying atention